Game on.


I would like to welcome everyone to GameChanger.

GameChanger is a platform that will strengthen the relationship and experience between artists and their fans.  Fans will be rewarded for their dedication and engagement.  Unique content will be created by both our development team and the artists; this content will be exclusive to the GameChanger platform.

When I was growing up, I joined fan clubs and (sometimes) got really cool stuff in the mail—which I actually waited anxiously to recieve.  Today, those experiences are gone, basically leaving the artist with little to no engagement with the fan, besides traditional social media outlets.  The overall experience needs to improve; the artists need to stimulate its fans year round.

This fall, artists will be transformed into comics and digitally enhanced multimedia, which will be placed on a gaming platform that engages and rewards fans.  Concert tickets, exclusive content, prizes and more await all those who like mobile gaming… Just imagine, your favorite artists, at your finger tips.

Over the past six months, I have rekindled a passion for artist development and intensified a desire to change a broken industry.  The concert promotion business model is dying, it’s time for something new.

More info. will come in the next few months; the platform is set launch in November.  Check out for the latest. Please pardon the website appearance during construction.

John D.